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Annual Fundraiser on April 5, 2014, Aromas Grange Hall

Board of Directors

Larry Cain Member Community Member
John Ferreira Member Community Member
Jackie Ferreira Secretary Community Member
Lou FioriMember Community Member
Jose Flores Member Parent/District Trustee
Bill Hunter Member Community Member
Heather Leeder Member Parent/Community Member
Ruben Zepeda Member Superintendent
Magdalena Medina Member Parent/District Trustee
Nancy OlsonMember Community Member
Rachel Ponce President Community Member
Bob Quaid Treasurer Community Member

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The Aromas-San Juan Bautista Community Schools Foundation is a non-profit organization established to support programs and facilities in the Aromas-San Juan Unified School District.

The Foundation first became active in the 1997-1998 school year and our first project was to establish a scholarship and award program to recognize excellence in students graduating from Aromas and San Juan Schools, and Anzar High School. Annually, the Foundation's Board of Directors award six $1000 scholarships to Anzar High School graduates, who demonstrate excellence through the exhibition process. We also provide smaller cash awards to graduating eighth grade students at both Kindergarten - 8th Grade schools. Descriptions of all of our scholarships and application forms can be found on this website.

As a community-based foundation, one of our major goals is to assist with communication between the school district and our community. To that end, we publish the Vista newsletter annually and we maintain this website.

The Community Schools Foundation recognizes that there are many worthy projects that would enrich the education of our students. However, district funding for these projects is sometimes not available. The Foundation has established a Mini-Grant Program. Teachers and/or collaborating teachers and parents may apply to the Foundation for supplemental funding. Preference is given to those proposals that promote collaboration with businesses, agencies, and individuals in our community. We also encourage proposals that promote building community within our district by asking students to collaborate across grade levels and/or with partners at other district schools.

The Board of Directors has also identified the need to expand arts education in our schools. For several years we have had a student art auction as a part of our annual fund raising dinner. All funds from the student art portion of the auction are allocated to the schools to help purchase additional art supplies or equipment.

The Board of the Foundation has also recently adopted an ambitious 3-year strategic plan. Our plan is to continue with the projects that we currently have implemented and to work toward building funds that will sustain an after-school performing arts program to serve all the students of the Aromas-San Juan Unified School District. The Foundation's Strategic Plan is included on our website.

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Strategic Plan 2011 - 2014

Aromas-San Juan Batista Community Schools Foundation
Strategic Plan 2011-2014

Adopted by the Board of Directors: November 14, 2011

The primary purpose and objectives of this corporation shall be:

a. To advance public education in the Aromas-San Juan Unified School District;
b. To provide and facilitate educational projects and programs for the Aromas-San
Juan Unified School District;
c. To provide and facilitate community service programs for the Aromas-San Juan
Unified School District;
d. To provide facilities and equipment for the Aromas-San Juan Unified School
District; and
e. To raise funds and provide supplementary aid as needed for the support and
benefit of the Aromas-San Juan Unified School District.

1.0 To Support ASJUSD Educational Programs and Student Needs

1.1 Expectation

    o Grant scholarships and awards

    • $50 awards shall be provided to each elementary site. 8th grade graduation awards will include the following categories:

      • Excellence in service learning
      • Excellence in a second language
      • Special achievement
      • Overall excellence

    • Anzar High School seniors shall be awarded $1,000 scholarships in each of the following categories:

      • Excellence in post graduate plan
      • Harvey Nyland excellence in service learning
      • Overall excellence in graduation exhibitions
      • Soaring hawk
      • Outstanding female academic athlete
      • Outstanding male academic athlete

1.2 Expectation

o Award mini-grants to the four sites (Anzar High School, Aromas School, Mi Escuelita, and San Juan School).
(i.e., service learning, staff development, intersession projects, school gardens, science/history camps/field trips, etc.

  • A Foundation Board of Director(s) will present the mini-grant application process to staff at staff meetings and Home & School/Booster Clubs.
  • If a parent writes the application, a teacher and site administrator must cosponsor the project.
  • All applications shall include principal and applicant signature.
  • Criteria for the grant will be evaluated annually and refined to meet emerging needs of the organization.
  • Mini grant awards will be presented to recipients at a District school board meeting.

1.3 Expectation

o Support Arts Education

  • Support performing and visual arts programs.
    • Strive to create opportunities for each school site.
    • Annually offer an art auction at the fundraiser dinner with student work.

2.0 To Improve the Foundation's Public Relations

2.1 Expectation

o Broaden communication

  • Implement the following:
    • Collaborate with Home & School/Booster Clubs to develop a common fundraising calendar/goals.
    • Submit articles to school newsletters, San Juan Star, and other media outlets. (i.e., advertise fundraiser, "What has happened to our scholarship students?” mini-grant projects, etc.).
    • Visit and present to Home & School/Boosters Clubs, staff, and Board of Trustees.
    • Enhance website page on District site with links to the four school sites (i.e., fundraising, Board of Directors, contact numbers, calendar of events, etc.).
    • Develop strong connections with San Benito County nonprofit association.
    • Develop other collaborations with city, county, and government agencies.

3.0 To Increase Funding Sources to the ASJB Community Schools Foundation
to Support ASJUSD Educational Programs and Student Needs

3.1 Expectation

o Funding Foundation activities

  • Fundraising dinner/auction in February of each year
  • Enact a financial subcommittee to the Board
    • Grant writer/researcher
    • Matching funds w/corporations / businesses
    • Contact 5 donors
    • Investigate endowments

3.2 Expectation

o Foundation Board development for the purpose of broadening the volunteer pool and talents of the Board

  • Develop annual goals
  • Revise bylaws
  • Develop strong connections with school site councils, home and school clubs, and booster organizations to expand Foundation capacity.
  • Expand board of directors

Anzar Seniors' Scholarship Applications

Excellence in Exhibitions
Excellence in Post Graduate Plan
Harvey Nyland Service Learning
Soaring Hawk Scholarship

Mini-Grant Recipients of 2012-2013

Scholarship Recipients of 2012| Top |

Contact Us

If you would like more information about the Aromas-San Juan Bautista Community Schools Foundation or would like to become involved, please contact us through the Superintendent's office at the school district. or call (831) 623-4500. | Top |