September 20, 2019

Update on Negotiations for the Aromas-San Juan USD and Aromas-San Juan Teacher’s Association (ASJTA)

The District and ASJTA met to negotiate for the tenth time on Thursday, September 19, 2019.   

Among other proposals, the District has made a salary offer of 6% over the past year and this year in the following manner:


  1. The District offered 3% on the salary schedule; and
  2. The District created a separate salary schedule for Speech and Language Therapists to recruit for hard to hire positions


  1. The District is offering a 3% on the salary schedule, including one professional development day; and
  2. The District also proposed an increase to health and welfare contribution of $500

The District has indicated its willingness to accept ASJTA’s proposal to add a stipend for Grad Ex teachers. 

The District is working hard to ensure that it maintains programs while also working to provide more technology, new textbooks, and other resources to both students and employees.  The District looks forward to productively and positively working with ASJTA to reach a fair and responsible settlement.  The District continues to value and respect the work that all of our employees provide on a daily basis in our schools to support the development of our students.