March 16 at Anzar - 4 Events
Charlene McKowen
Saturday, March 09, 2019

It will be a busy Saturday at Anzar, and all families and students are invited to participate according to interest:

1. Saturday School (8:15 - 12:30/ Library) is offered for attendance recovery for students in need. Information has been given out in Advisory for this, and students must bring work to do.

2. Booster-sponsored Work Day (8 AM - 1 PM/ start in Library) Students (and parents) seeking athletic subsidy for team donation goals are invited to participate/work 5 hours ($10/hr subsidy to team, by Boosters). Sign up on Principal's door/ AD McKinney can also give information.

3. Parent University (9 AM - 1 PM/ Room 206) "Pathways to College" open for all interested families and students, sponsored by the district.

4. SAT Class #1 (11:30 - 2:30 PM/ Room 402) is offered to our Sophomores and Juniors this year (application required)