School Profile

Anzar High School enters its twenty-sixth year of operation in the year 2019-2020. A small, rural school of approximately 350 students, it was created in 1994 through a grassroots effort of parents and community members looking for more local control over a cutting-edge, college-prep secondary institution. Anzar has been affiliated with the Coalition of Essential Schools from the beginning, a reform-minded educational organization that encourages depth over breadth, a personal approach to students and teaching, and equity at all times. With the mandatory college-prep expectations, all graduates do indeed end up in college after graduation. Anzar is a full-inclusion school, with a high percentage of both ELL students and students qualifying for the free and reduced lunch program. Several Anzar programs are unique: a 4-year Advisory program, a 6-semester Service Learning graduation requirement, and the Graduation Exhibition program (see "Academics")

Anzar High School's Purpose Statement

The first paragraph of Purpose indicates expectation of program, on behalf of our school community. The second paragraph of Purpose indicates expectation of staff, on behalf of our school community.

We educate all high school students in a safe, challenging and equitable environment, in partnership with families and our culturally-rich community. In order to become responsible members of a global society, students will be engaged in real-world problem solving, meet the state standards, demonstrate their ability to think, and actively continue their education.

We will act as an effective team while making school-wide decisions, undertaking administrative tasks, developing and implementing curriculum in a collaborative manner, following the communication guidelines, and pursuing professional growth.

What do we Believe? What do we Practice?

Anzar High School has a list of "The Givens", which encompasses our expectations and beliefs around Community, Inclusion, Professionalism, Quality, and High Expectations.

Inter-district students at Anzar

Historically, Anzar has welcomed a healthy percentage of inter-district students in. Because of our small size and our more rigorous graduation requirements, we are often mistaken as a free private or charter school, or school of choice. In reality, we are simply a small public school for two small communities, a place where high expectations are set and all students are seen as capable of reaching those expectations with caring and competent instruction. Our inter-district students come from all around us: mostly from Salinas, Prunedale, Gilroy, Hollister, Watsonville, and Morgan Hill. Criteria for acceptance is the standard 2.0 GPA, with no discipline or attendance issues, but most importantly, a sincere desire on the part of the student (not just the parent) to be here. We deeply appreciate the confidence and support that that our inter-district families bring to the Anzar community; we would not be the same without them.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (approved in 2016 - 2017, and current)

  1. Every student will be able to demonstrate higher order thinking skills and inquiry using EPERRs.
  2. Every student will be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  3. Every student will be able to work effectively with others.
  4. Every student will have an appreciation of diverse perspectives and cultures, beyond their own.
  5. Every student will be able to utilize technology to enhance the completion of intellectual tasks.