There are several parent groups that are open and welcoming of new parent participation throughout the year.

School Site Council is the governing board of the school, a committee made up of staff, parents and students. If you are interested in having discussions and making decisions about goals and program, Site Council might be for you! Site Council stays current on Anzar-related issues in the district and the status of programs on site, and plans wisely for the future. Site Council meets once a month, at 4:30 - 5:30 PM on the fourth Wednesday of each month (in the Library). Members of the Anzar Site Council for 2016 - 2017 are (students) Elleni Velasquez and Destiny Hansen, (teachers) Stelvia Chambless, Angela Oliveira, and Greg Braithwaite, (Parents) Nathalie Hendricks, Joey Canepa, Moira Casey McEwen, Leticia Preciado, and Angelica Simons, and (Principal) Charlene McKowen. Meetings are open to the public. This year, with the Self-Study required for the accreditation visit, Site Council plays an especially important role in the shaping of school program scrutiny and evaluation.

ELAC is Anzar's Spanish-speaking parent group, a vibrant group that meets once a month at 6:30 PM, on the first Wednesday of each month (in Room 203). This group sets its own agendas according to member needs and requests, including in-services and instruction on topics like graduation exhibitions, college and scholarship procedures and opportunities, navigating School Loop, improving academic success, financial aide, etc. Any parents interested should absolutely attend (no RSVP necessary). If there are questions, contact Counselor Leonor Cruz.

The Anzar Booster Club oversees fundraising for both academic and athletic programs at Anzar. In addition, they provide many niceties for the staff and students (Link Crew food, staff appreciation lunches, graduation refreshments, etc.) The Boosters also sell all Hawkwear. This group meets the third Tuesday of each month, at 6 PM in the Library, and are actively seeking new members and new ideas to refresh the club's vision in the upcoming years. The October 2016 meeting will focus on fresh new ideas for fundraisers for this school year! We need you!

What do the Boosters do at Anzar?

Well, just for starters, the Anzar Booster Club has....

  • Helped pay for the sophomore year overnight Tolerance Trip to Los Angeles
  • Paid in full for the Gym floor permanent logo and the Gym wall mural logo
  • Paid for the kayaking trip for Advanced and AP Biology classes
  • Helped pay for improved lighting for the Drama stage
  • Paid in full for new heavy duty outside tables and benches
  • Paid in full for construction projects around school, such as the student-built shed near the Gym
  • Subsidized athletic donation goals for any students participating on Work Days
  • Subsidized Yearbooks for any senior not able to afford a yearbook
  • Paid for Link Crew and Graduation ceremony refreshments/snacks
  • Helped fund gifts for athletic teams' Senior Nights
  • Hosted and/or funded teacher appreciation lunches
  • Run the snack shacks for Volleyball and Basketball games

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