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Unit One: Literary Criticism

9/5: Discuss schools of Literary Criticisms See attached pdf.

9/7: Discuss Literary Criticisms, Fairy Tales; read two articles, analyze using evidence from text

Homework: Complete one SIFT paragraph for each of three different fairy tales of your choice (total of three paragraphs). (Keep in mind you will be asked to have a SIFT paragraph for each fairy tale by Monday, 9/18 so consider pacing yourself accordingly.)

9/11: Turn in 3 paragraphs, continue working on fairy tale paragraphs

Homework: Read your timed essay and analyze it using the handout provided in class. DUE WEDNESDAY 9/13

9/13: Incorporate Schools of Literary Criticism into analysis of fairy tales, evaluate timed essays in partners

Class handout: Lit Crit and Taylor Swift (Extra credit opportunity - due 9/22, end of grading period)

9/15: Timed essay in class utilizing knowledge of different schools of Literary Criticisms and incorporating them into an analysis of a fairy tale

DUE 9/18: Creative Writing assignment: Write your own modern-day fairy tale. 800 word minimum, Times New Roman, size 12 font, Double-spaced. Must include all plot elements (Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, denouement).

Unit Two: Epics, Heroes, and Dramas

9/18: Practice Multiple Choice Test

9/20: Go over practice test and questions; Introduction to Greek Theatre. Begin reading Oedipus Rex.


9/22: Read Oedipus Rex

  • HW: Read Antigone on your own while we read Oedipus in class. Answer three of the questions from the worksheet, using quotes. Due Monday 9/25.

9/25: Turn in Antigone Questions

9/27-29: Continue with Oedipus Rex in class, complete Dialectical Journal in class


HW: Mythology allusions due 10/9.

Due 10/6: Independent Reading Assignment #1.

10/4-10/13: Lysistrata - While reading, annotate for common ideas for themes (war and peace, gender roles, patriotism, battle of the sexes, politics), double entendres. Consider while you read that women were not allowed to act in Greek Theatre, and mostly men attended the plays. How does that impact your understanding/analysis of the play?

Alternative Reading Assignment: Medea

Unit Assessment on 10/13: Timed Write - See AP Lit Free Response Questions from 2003, 2005 B, and 2011.