Athletics at Anzar - Straight from the HAWKS' NEST!

Anzar offers the following sports:

  • Fall: Girls' volleyball (J.V. and Varsity), Co-ed Cross Country, 8-man Football
  • Winter: Boys' and Girls' Basketball, Boys' and Girls' Soccer
  • Spring: Baseball, Softball, Golf, Swimming, Track & Field

The goal of Anzar Athletics is to support classroom instruction by providing the opportunity for students to develop the skills of self-expression, self-discipline, goal-setting, the ability to successfully work in groups, and to develop respect and tolerance for the abilities and opinions of others. The sports program is supervised by Anzar's Athletic Director, Mark Cisneros, who in turn is supported by the student Athletic Commissioner, and the Principal, Angela Crawley. Anzar is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation, and the Pacific Coast Athletic League (a brand new, mult-tier league). Anzar fully supports the CIF's Pursuing Victory with Honor program that sets high standards for good sportsmanship and athletic integrity.

Athletic participation is open to all students who meet state and league eligibility requirements and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA with no Fs, and are making satisfactory progress towards graduation. Students with a 2.0 or higher GPA and one F may petition to be placed on academic probation for one grading period (a grading period is 5-6 weeks long). Probation is allowed only once for consecutive grading periods. Students with more than one F are not eligible for probation. Summer school and Inter-session grades do not factor into academic eligibility for athletics, as they are less than 20 units (the designated athletic league standard).

In order for students to participate in Anzar athletics, they must submit the required documents: an up-to-date (=within the last year) physical examination, a Student Athletic Contract, and a Transportation permission document. Documents are all readily available, and also given out at the mandatory parent meeting at the beginning of each athletic season. As a public school, we cannot charge athletic fees, and as such, rely on family "donations" whenever and wherever possible. We need to raise enough money to pay the approximately $25,000 costs in league dues and fees annually. Suggested donation goals depend on whether or not the sport utilizes officials (refs and umpires): $120 for those with, $60 for those without. In addition, the Anzar Boosters graciously host work days throughout the school year, and regularly subsidize donation goals for families ($10/hour of work).

The Primary Coaching staff for the 2021-22 school year are as follows:

  • Cross-Country: Monica Gilmore
  • Football: Coach Rowan and Felipe Davila
  • Volleyball: Rance Hodge
  • Soccer:
    • Girls Varsity: Samuel Vasquez
  • Basketball: 
    • Boys Varsity: Rance Hodge
    • Boys JV: Greg Grio
    • Girls Varsity: Gil Grio
  • Baseball: TBD
  • Softball: TBD
  • Golf: Samuel Vasquez
  • Swim: TBD
  • Track & Field: Monica Gilmore