Courses offered at Anzar/Course sequence offered

All content-area courses offered at Anzar are UC-approved college-preparatory courses, as well as aligned with the Common Core Standards.. A list of class offerings can be found in Appendix B of the Student-Parent Handbook (see Homepage).

Content Area Sequence by either grade level or placement level, as indicated

Grade 9: English 9 

Grade 10: English 10 or Honors English 10 (American Lit focus) 

Grade 11: English 11 or AP English

Grade 12: English 12 or AP English

ESL: as needed, in addition to core English class

Academic Literacy: as needed, in addition to core English class


Grade 9: World History 

Grade 10: U.S. History (coordinated with American Lit/ English 10) 

Grade 11: Government (fall), Economics (spring)

Grade 12; Global Issues (semester class)


(not grade dependent) 

Sequence: Geometry, Algebra OR Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus A/B, AP Calculus B/C

Statistics is also available, with a number of places where it can fit in the traditional sequence.Students start their high school math sequence according to previous classes/ foundation, as per math placement. However, beginning in the fall of 2015, all freshmen were placed in Geometry, unless they had Geometry in 8th grade in a different district. From Geometry, they go to either Algebra or second year Algebra; an Algebra assessment given in the spring of their 9th grade year indicates which is most appropriate.


Grade 9: Integrated Science or Honors Integrated Science (a few students will wait to take Science until 10th gr.) 

Grade 10: Int. Science or Honors Integrated Science (a 2-year program), + Chemistry (as a second Science class for those recommended by their Science teacher)

Grade 11: Chemistry and/or A dvanced Biology, AP Biology, Physics (a few students will take their second year of Integrated Science this year). Integrated Science 3 is also available.

Grade 12: Chemistry and/or Adv. Biology, AP Biology, Physics, and Integrated Science 3.

*note: Anzar alternates Adv. and AP Biology with Physics, every other year. Chemistry is a pre-req. for those courses, but can be taken simultaneously = 2 Science courses in same year.

Health (semester course) must be taken (not grade dependent, but rec. for 11th & 12th graders)

World Language

(not grade dependent) 

There are two "tracks" of Spanish, depending on student's home language. 

Sequence: Spanish 1, 2 and/or 3 OR Native Spanish Speaker 1, NSS 2 and/or NSS 3

Visual/ Performing Arts

(not grade dependent) 

The following courses are UC-approved Arts courses: Studio Art, Drama, Adv. Photography, and Multi-Media (Video Production), and Ceramics. All can be repeated for credit (Studio Art is called Advanced Art after first year)

Culinary Arts is a UC-Approved Elective now

  • 2 years of Fitness are required by the state for graduation
  • All Graduation Exhibitions must be successfully completed for graduation (Grad. Ex is a UC-approved semester elective course and can be repeated for credit)
  • All Service Learning must be completed for graduation; classes that count for service learning are NSS 3, Garden class, Peer Tutoring.
  • Students needing extra support may be required to take Study Skills.
  • Other courses offered for electives credit include Cabinetmaking (Woodshop), Office Aide, Library Aide, and Teacher's Aide.