The Principal, the Discipline Coordinator, and the Campus Supervisor are active, real-time resources for improved discipline and school climate on the Anzar campus. In addition, the linked documents on this page should serve students and parents as resources as well: the Discipline Matrix (also found on pages 6 & 7 of your hardcopy Student-Parent handbook sent home the second week of school in August).

In an effort to provide consistency for all Anzar students, the Discipline Matrix is strictly followed by all Anzar staff and administration. We encourage all students and parents to familiarize themselves with the different steps for each infraction, in a pro-active manner. High School is often a place where students make mistakes - hopefully small, but occasionally large ones. Our matrix is our policy. Being familiar with our policy means that we can more easily work successfully together - students, parents, and staff - to prevent problems before they grow in size.

In addition, we have several other resources available that can work as effective interventions to discipline and/or school climate issues:

  • On-site counseling 
  • Advisory (daily/ 4 years continuity)
  • Campus Supervisor, Felipe Davila