REMINDER: Hardcopy scholarship applications are located in Room 709/ College-Career Center...help yourself any time.

2019-2020 Scholarships

Updated table of scholarships also located on round counter in Library.

Scholarships at Anzar, updated 9/23/19

All scholarship information is shared with all seniors. Most scholarship opportunities arise AFTER college application due dates in the fall. If paper copies of the application are available, they will be located in the wooden scholarship tall box in the College/Career Center (Rm. 709 off of the hallway between the Library and the Administration). The table will be updated as often as new scholarship opportunities arise, with the update's date placed in the title for easy checking. Senior advisor Stelvia Chambless the point person for scholarship updating this year; Room 102 for her classroom.

By no means is the Anzar list comprehensive. Students and families are encouraged to seek their own, especially if parent employers have opportunities for children of employees.

Lastly, all students need to check what scholarship monies are available through their college or university. Every school has its own scholarships and financial aid to award, and once they award their available monies (after application and acceptance dates are done), they have no more to give out. The sooner that pool is tapped, the better. Senior Advisors and CalSOAP advisor Jessamyne Saenz or Monica Corrall can assist with application for college-specific $$.