WINGS (Wisdom, Inspiration, Nobility, Growth, Spirit) is a school-wide program based on the district-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework. PBIS will be implemented district-wide in 2019 as a positive approach to supporting students to be successful in school. PBIS is rooted in the behavioral or behavior analytic perspective in which it is assumed that behavior is learned, is related to immediate and social environmental factors, and can be altered. With clear expectations in place, students will learn appropriate behaviors in the same way they learn any other skill—through instruction, practice, feedback, and encouragement.

Key features of PBIS include:

  • administrative leadership team
  • a clear set of defined positive expectations
  • recognition of meeting expected behaviors
  • monitoring and correcting errors in behaviors
  • using data-based information for decision-making, monitoring, and evaluating outcomes. 

Staff members recognize students who exhibit wisdom, inspiration, nobility, growth, and spirit on campus with WINGS cards. The student receives one half of the card with a description of their positive act, and the staff members turn the other half in to a box in the office. Principal Crawley pulls three WINGS cards each week and announces to the class of the selected students that they are being rewarded for their positive behavior. Every student who receives a WINGS card within a given grading period also gets an extended lunch at the end of that grading period. During the extended lunch, the students whose WINGS cards were pulled get to choose prize.