Board Members
Member Term Expires
Casey Powers, President 2022
Monica Martinez-Guaracha, Clerk 2024
Oren Beske, Trustee 2022
Anissa Dizon, Trustee 2022
Dan Kerbs, Trustee 2024
Addressing the Board of Trustees

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board goals


  • We will be kind, thoughtful, and attentive in communication with community members and each other
  • We will advocate for the best interests of our students and community
  • We will support our leadership team and ensure that they have all of the resources they need to be successful when communicating with our community


  • We will communicate with one voice and stand behind the decisions of the full board
  • We will understand our purpose and make decisions and communicate based on our purpose
  • Board supports staff efforts in communication: website, newsletters, electronic communication, with consistent message and branding of district logo, vision and mission


  • We will end meetings by 10:30 p.m. as a rule not as the exception, comply with the Rosenberg Rules and board governance handbook
  • We will make decisions using student-centered data and outcomes as our guide
  • We will be a board that thoroughly prepares for board meetings


  • We will develop an effective orientation to support new board members in being oriented to the school board governance
  • We will ensure effective training of our board internally and encourage professional development with outside organizations
  • We will develop a governance handbook and use it to provide consistency